We're back for this spring with a new format!

Our deadline to sign up has passed, BUT YOU MAY REQUEST TO BE ADDED TO THE ROSTER BY CONTACTING cindy@iowakidstrong.com.

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What is the new format?
For January – May 2021 instead of students completing a cumulative half or full marathon, the program will feature monthly themes and challenge activities each with its own incentive charm. We will still celebrate the Grand Blue Mile in April during what we’re calling Spirit Week which concurs with the Drake Relays. The KidStriders Spring 2021 Edition programming will extend through May.

What are the monthly themes?
Join in January, Feel Good February, Mindful March, Awesome April, and Make it a Habit May

How will students know what to do each month?
A PDF will be provided for each month explaining the month’s theme, suggested activities including adaptive activities for children with special needs, a resource list which will include the KidStriders Curriculum Guide and other KidStriders online resources, writing prompts, and tracking journal pages.

What kind of activities will be included?
Activities will fall into the following categories from the “KidStriders Runner Profile.”

  • Physically Active –activities will generally encompass running and other track and field activities
  • Healthy Choice-Makers –activities will encompass concepts from 5210 Healthy Choices Count
  • Principled & Caring – activities will encompass concepts of mindfulness and community service
  • Brain-Trainers – activities will encompass learning concepts including reading and writing

What are the student incentives for participating?
There will be an incentive charm for completion of each month’s required activities and students completing the monthly requirements for January - March will receive a “KidStriders Spirit Week Kit” to celebrate the week of the Grand Blue Mile and the Drake Relays. The kit will include an Iowa Kidstrong KidStriders washable facemask as well as other fun items for students to enjoy.

What about the 5-mile Foot Tokens?
While Iowa Kidstrong will not be providing them with our modified format, you are still welcome to award students with foot tokens for every 5 miles they complete. You can purchase at https://www.fitnessfinders.net.

What happens during Spirit Week?
Each school/classroom/home will host their own celebration week and will be provided with the “KidStriders Spirit Week Guide.”  The downloadable guide will include: the daily themes for spirit week; information about how to set up the one-mile kids run at school or home with COVID 19 guidelines; adaptive activities for students with special needs; and links to a variety of printable activity pages.

How do I sign up?
Sign up by school, grade level, classroom, or individual Schools outside of the Des Moines Metro will be required to cover shipping costs for their materials. Individuals will be charged a $10 fee to cover materials and shipping.

KidStriders Spring 2021 Edition