KidStriders is an elementary incentive program that revolves around walking or jogging a cumulative marathon ending  with a Victory Run at the Grand Blue Mile!

KidStriders 2021-2022

Like many other small non-profits, Iowa Kidstrong has been working within its capacity at making a comeback from

the variety of shifts that occurred during the first 18 months of the Pandemic. We are ever grateful for the

interest in our program, for the support throughout our shut down of business as normal, and for your patience

as we get back on our feet in a way that more closely resembles pre-Spring 2020. 


We slowly rolled out the cumulative marathon program for 2021-2022 to registering schools as we have in the past with a tentative eye on a KidStriders Victory Run at the Grand Blue Mile in April 2022. 

And the good news is that we are planning to have an in-person Victory Run on April 26, 2022!

Additionally for March 2022, we're concurrently offering a March Madness program that has its own incentive charm. Registration will be required. 

Please check out our Spring Booster April Resources and find ways to celebrate the week of the Grand Blue Mile

and the Drake Relays including the “DIY Day at the Relays” guide.