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​While the KidStriders program is typically coordinated at participating schools, we want all kids to practice healthy 

habits at home. These resources were created to help make that happen. Click each picture to link to a PDF file. 

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Click HERE to learn about our KidStriders Curriculum Guide

This guide was developed to compliment the KidStriders program. It can be used to incorporate KidStriders into Physical Education curriculum and serve as a way to equip students with skills and knowledge they can use to be successful in the program and to live a healthy life. It outlines the standards and grade-level outcomes most relevant to KidStriders. It can be used as a planning tool and offers a variety of resources to assist in lesson plan development. Families may also benefit from this guide through the variety of resources included. Please let us know if you're using this guide by emailing or posting on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #KidStridersRocks.