Want additional learning and fun during the spring semester?

The KidStriders Spring Booster Program


​​​​​​What is the KidStriders Spring Semester Booster?
This optional program features monthly themes and challenge activities students can complete for which you are welcome to offer your own incentive. 

We will celebrate the Grand Blue Mile in April in person however the month of April features resources and ideas for celebrating the week of the Grand Blue Mile and the Drake Relays at home &/or school. We call this "KidStriders Spirit Week." 

What are the monthly themes?
Join in January, Feel Good February, Mindful March, and Awesome April.

How will students know what to do each month?
A PDF is available for each month explaining the month’s theme, suggested activities including adaptive activities for children with special needs, a resource list which includes the KidStriders Curriculum Guide and other KidStriders online resources, writing prompts, and tracking journal pages.

What kind of activities will be included?
Activities fall into the following categories from the “KidStriders Runner Profile.”

  • Physically Active –activities will generally encompass running and other track and field activities
  • Healthy Choice-Makers –activities will encompass concepts from 5210 Healthy Choices Count
  • Principled & Caring – activities will encompass concepts of mindfulness and community service
  • Brain-Trainers – activities will encompass learning concepts including reading and writing