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KidStriders, first piloted in Spring 2006, has been "running strong" since. This is a primarily school-based incentive program which revolves around the goal of running and/or walking a minimum cumulative marathon distance of 26 miles during recess KidStriders sessions. 


Students are recognized with a plastic foot token to tie on their shoelaces for every five miles they complete, a T-Shirt for reaching the 26-mile goal along with the opportunity to participate in a “Victory Run” held at the Grand Blue Mile presented by the Drake Relays and Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, as well as “Beyond the Marathon Incentives” which continue to reward students who persist beyond the 26-mile minimum goal.


KidStriders is a unique fitness program in that it is offered during the school day so it is accessible to all students. It is not a “one-size-fits-all” program and can be defined to fit the needs of the individual school implementing it by way of time and manpower available to put toward it – we know these resources will vary from school to school, but feel that all children within a school should enjoy equal opportunity to participate. Accessibility to success for as many students as possible is the key to making “motorless motion” desirable and therefore habit-forming as students continue to strive to reach new goals.


If you are a school administrator, teacher, staff or authorized parent group representative interested in more information about how to implement KidStriders in your school, please e-mail